Thursday, February 4, 2016

Word Study on the iPad

This week I am featuring some iPad resources that support word study.  Below are several gaming apps which review sight words, phonics, and spelling features.  I have also listed a few examples that allow students to get creative while practicing their personalized word lists! Lastly, I created a sample “Word Study Choice Board” which incorporates technology and you are welcome to use it. 

iBrainstorm SMART notebook app: With these apps, students can practice writing and sorting their own personalized words digitally and then easily save their work for you or a partner to check. 
Popplet: This app works as a mind map, which helps students think and learn visually. Students can create word maps of each spelling pattern.  They can also write the definition and part of speech to each word.  Popplet is a great app for students to visually learn their word patterns.
Screen Chomp or IPEVO Whiteboard: These apps allow the students to write on the screen and record their voice simultaneously, creating a screencast. Students can "Show What They Know" and practice placing their words in the correct word pattern.  After they have saved their recording, students can view their video and listen to him/herself to critique their fluency and understanding of their spelling words and patterns.  This is another powerful way for students to self-assess. 
Tellagami: With this, students can create an avatar and have them orally explain their spelling feature, name examples, listen to their pronunciation of the words, use in a sentence, etc…


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