Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What the Tech: Classroom 2016

What the Tech: GoGuardian

Digital Portfolios and Centers Using Seesaw

The use of Seesaw has begun to blossom in our K-3 schools.  What is Seesaw?  According to the website, Seesaw combines student driven digital portfolios and simple parent communication, but it is so much more.  

Check out the video below to get a quick glimpse of how Seesaw works:

Seesaw is perfect for using in center activities, whether it be a problem of the day station, or for math workshop.  It is also a fabulous way to have students collect pieces they are proud of. Some of the activities I've observed include:

  1. Students creating symmetrical designs using pattern blocks, taking a picture of their creation in Seesaw and using the recording and drawing features to show lines of symmetry and explain their thinking.
  2. During a place value unit, creating numbers in the hundreds with base ten blocks, taking a picture and then app smashing with Popplet to write the standard, expanded, and word forms of a number.
  3. Completing a math problem as a unit assessment and recording the process of their work
  4. Taking a photo of a page in a book and recording their reading for fluency
  5. Reflecting on work they are proud of by taking a photo and recording their thoughts.
Students can like and comment on each other's work if the teacher chooses and also have the option of inviting parents to see what their child has accomplished.  Parents may have the option to like and comment as well.

Want to learn more? Check out the resources below and contact your technology resource specialist!

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