Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Discussion about Who Owns the Learning? from Russell Wray

This post is from Russell Wray, Supervisor of Instructional Technology


As part of our district's professional development program for new teachers, second-year teachers choose a book for a year-long book study. One group of second-year teachers selected the book Who Owns the Learning?: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age, by Alan November.

During a recent discussion of this book, teachers shared specific excerpts that they found to be especially relevant to their current work with students and their personal growth as an educator. While teachers selected different passages throughout the book, there was a common theme of collaboration and communication in all of those passages.

To coincide with the discussion of the book, teachers also viewed and discussed this video clip:

In the book, November explains four possible student roles as they learn in a digital age: Tutorial Designer, Scribe, Researcher, and Communicator and Collaborator. Teachers discussed ways they could provide opportunities in their classes for students to fulfil these roles as well as the various digital resources currently available for students and how they could be used in each of these ways. 

As a culminating activity, teachers collaborated on this Padlet, as a way to share some of those digital resources with one another:

~Russell Wray 

Have any other resources you'd like to add to this list?  Share them in the Padlet above or the comments section below.

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