My student is unable to log into their Chromebook.
Ensure that they are typing the password correctly.  Passwords are case sensitive. If this is the first time connecting, make sure the e-mail address is typed correctly as well.

The Chromebook will not turn on.
Chances are the battery is dead for some reason. Connect to a power source and then turn it on again. It should work. 

The Chromebook is frozen and nothing works.
Turn the Chromebook off and then turn it back on. One of the great things about cloud storage is that the documents the students are working on save automatically so chances are, most, if not all, of their work will still be there after restarting. Yay!

The Chromebook is not connecting to the internet.
Try clicking on the student's profile picture at the bottom of the screen. Make sure it is connected to the wwp network.

While working in Google Docs, it suddenly says "trying to connect" and stops saving.
If this happens, it usually means that there is a weak wifi signal. You can continue to work offline and your changes will be saved once the connection returns.

My file is missing!
First, make sure the file hasn't been accidentally deleted. Check the trash. If it was a shared document and the owner threw it in the trash, everyone loses it. If it isn't located in the trash, type the name of the file into the Google search box and see if you can locate it this way.

Your students are working with a collaborators and part of a document/project disappeared.

If you're missing content within a specific document, you can check its revision history (File>See revision history) to see if you or a collaborator deleted something from it. If you find the version that contains the content you were missing, click Restore this revision.

The Chromebook screen is sideways/upside down and I don't know how to fix it!
Use the keyboard shortcut, "ctrl-shift and the refresh button"

My Chromebook screen is way too large and I am having trouble navigating.

Click in the menu bar on the bottom right side of your screen, go into accessibility and turn off the magnification.

My students have changed the language settings and we don't know how to change them back!
Visit this link for screenshots for changing the language and keyboard settings on a Chromebook.

These are the simplest solutions to some common problems. If these fixes don't work, make sure you put in a tech ticket so someone can address the problem asap.

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