Friday, February 6, 2015

Seesaw Your Way to a Free Friday 'App'etizer

Digital portfolios of student work can be hard to setup and maintain, but Seesaw: The Learning Journal aims at making this process quick and easy with an added benefit --- sharing the student's work simply with parents.  The video to the left shows how simple it could be implemented in a classroom where the students add their work to their journal through use of the iPad's app.  Once work is approved by the teacher, the parents (if setup) would be notified and then could see what their child completed at school.  Seesaw came on my radar after I read about it through these blog posts:
   - Students Can Build Digital Portfolios with Seesaw for iPad
   - Capture Student Work with Seesaw - The Learning Journal
   - Seesaw Journal: A Tool for English Language Learners

This is a must checkout app!  If you would like any assistance with setting this up or discuss how to implement this in your classroom please let me know.  What's also nice is, two days after I setup a test account I received an email from the app's company 'checking in' with links to resources:
Thanks again for signing up for Seesaw.  We know it can be hard to get started with a new app, so we’ve compiled a few tips from other Seesaw teachers to get you going. 
1.     Get Your Class Ready: Add your students and choose whether or not you want to customize profile photos or use the built-in icons.  Click here for help managing your class list.
2.     Print Your Class Handout: Your classroom QR code is the “key” your students will use to access your Seesaw class. Print out this handout and post it in your classroom where students will use Seesaw.  We emailed you this handout when you signed up or you can get it on the Seesaw website.
3.     Test Seesaw on Your Network: If your school has any network filters in place, have your tech team whitelist * so that Seesaw is fully functional. If you can sign-in as a teacher or student and add an item, you are good to go! 

Have questions? We're here to help! We're available by email or Google Hangouts to answer questions and help you get started.

—The Seesaw Team

PS: Check out the Seesaw Help Center for more getting started tips, teacher resources & activity ideas.

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