Friday, February 27, 2015

PD Day Follow up

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We had a great time working with all of you on the February 19th professional development day.  As a reminder, our objectives for the day were:

To take ownership of my own professional development by understanding myself as a learner and setting achievable goals.

To develop a clear understanding of the district technology initiatives including Google Apps for Education (G.A.F.E.).

These objectives are ongoing.  Your teacher resource specialists are available to work with you in further exploring the concepts addressed and introduced on February 19th.  

Here is some of the feedback that you shared with us:

“The time we were given to break off into different groups that wanted to focus on different parts of Google i.e. Forms, Docs, etc. The collaboration was great between people from different disciplines and content areas.”

“I appreciated the time to work with my department colleagues. When a tech staff member came to a group I was in, they shared good information and were helpful.”

“I loved getting time to work in small groups, which allowed us to really discover the different components of Google. I also liked learning about the different apps that other people shared.”

“The presentation given in the beginning was great. It gave us an idea of the expectations of utilizing the chromebook in our lessons.”

Many resources that you may find helpful for your individual professional growth can be found in the shared Resources folder in Google Drive.  Other resources and ideas can be found here on our WWP 1:1 Learning blog.


Community Middle School
Allan Johnson

Grover Middle School
Melissa Morris

Millstone River
Laura Agnella

Village School
Stacey Lindes

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