Friday, February 6, 2015

(CMS/GMS) Update for Week of 2/2/15

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Teacher Dashboard Update
Hapara's Teacher Dashboard will be updated by the end of March.  The update will include a new look to the interface as well as some added features.  You can switch over to the updated version now to try it out. If you would like support while you get used to the new updates, please let one of us know and we will set up a time to go over it with you.

Wireless Report
Keep an eye out for a wireless report that will be sent out to you soon.  In order to complete the report, all teachers with students using iPads or Chromebooks in the classroom will fill out a simple form for one week indicating if there are any issues with connectivity.  This data collected from all impacted buildings will help resolve any issues with connectivity.  If you have any questions about the report, please ask us.

Have a great weekend!

~Allan and Melissa 

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