Friday, December 5, 2014

A Third Grade Heritage Project

Since mid October, I have been working with some third grade classes on their Heritage Project.  As part of their Social Studies curriculum, the students are going to interview their families using various questionnaires to gain a better understanding on the history of their name, where their families emigrated from, and their customs and traditions.  Linked below are the questionnaires:

What's in a Name?

Family Customs & Traditions

Immigration Questionnaire

We used the information gathered and various iPad apps to create a showcase of their heritage.  For their name history and their families customs & traditions we used Voice Recorder Pro 7.  We created a video using Tellagami and Green Screen to tell how their family immigrated to the United States if they answered Part A of the Questionnaire.  If they answered Part B, they created a Pic Collage then did a screencast describing their answers using ScreenChomp.  We also used Maps and Safari to get images of their native country and flag then used LayerPic HD to superimpose the images.  In some classes, students designed a logo to represent themselves using Logo Maker. Then they recorded a screencast describing their logo using ScreenChomp.  Once all the pieces were created and saved to a class Dropbox account where each student had their own folder; we were able to put the puzzle together.  Students were sent home with a permission form for the teachers to create a ThingLink account.  Here are some examples from students:

Student 1:

Student 2:

Student 3:

Student 4:

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