Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Make Your Blog or Website Interactive

I read a post on the Free Technology for Teachers blog by Richard Byrne, titled 50 Interactive Activities to Embed Into Elementary School Blogs.  Just as the title suggests, Gynzy.com is a site which has a subscription service for other content, but offers 50 activities you could operate on a SMARTBoard or embed on a blog or website.  Here is the link to Gynzy's free stuff.  These free activities are not enough to build an entire lesson around, but they are great for supplemental engagement.  Try out a couple of my favorites below.

Social Studies:


Language Arts:


They are embedded using the HTML code under each activity on the website.  At first, when pasting the code and previewing, you will see an image which looks like:
But don't worry, when the webpage or blog is published it will show the activity instead.
Need help with this, reach out to one of your friendly neighborhood teacher resource specialists for technology or technology facilitators (located on the right side of this page [please note the location of each person]).

What activity do you like most out of the fifty?

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