Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kids Safe Online Poster Contest

This post is shared with you by Nicole Haynes, Computer Science teacher at Grover Middle School

Thomas Grover Middle School has some great news to share!  During 6th grade computer cycle, students completed an online module The Viral World using  This interactive module covers the consequences of computer viruses & how to protect against them, how to recognize, protect and resolve identity theft, how to set up secure online profiles, digital addiction & technology overuse.  Students also watched videos and discussed situations presented on in covering the 6th Grade Cyber Safety curriculum.  We were informed of the 2015-2016 NJ K-12 Kids Safe Online Poster Contest during cycle 3.  Our 6th and 7th grade students created original posters illustrating safe use of the Internet and /or mobile devices.  Students had the option to submit a hand drawn or electronically created poster. 

Our very own 6th grade TGMS student, Faith F. has WON! 

Faith’s poster made the cut here thanks to our judges, Ms. Alley, Mrs. Kessler, Ms. Lowden, Ms. Radwanski and Mr. Coppola et al.  We were only allowed to submit 3 per grade level to the state.  The competition included 314 amazing posters from 69 New Jersey K-12 schools.  In recognition of her efforts, she will be presented with a certificate of achievement from the State of New Jersey.  Way to go, Faith! This is a very proud moment for Faith and all of those around her!

~ Ms. Haynes,
6th Grade Computer Cycle Teacher @TGMS

In addition to Faith’s winning poster above, follow this link to view all of New Jersey’s winning posters from each grade level, K-12. Each winning poster will now be submitted to the national Multi-State Cyber Security Awareness poster contest.

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