Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gale Reference Library shared by Jessica Verrault

This post is from Jessica Verrault, World Language Teacher at High School North

Check out the Gale Reference Library!

Have you taken advantage of the Gale Reference Library yet? 

If you have, go you! You are wayyy more in the know than I was just a few months ago! I found out about the Gale Reference Library through a colleague while searching for a book for one of my graduate courses. I found not one, but two of the books I needed available and ready to download straight into my Google drive. Thanks, Gale! 

So far, I’ve only read 3 of 56 books available, but I’m excited to read more.  

Here are are a few of the titles you’ll find available:

  • Looking to do some curriculum writing/revision?  Read this first! Understanding by Design (2005) by Grant Wiggins & James McTighe

  • Confused about formative assessment?  This book describes the entire process! Transformative Assessment (2008) by W.James Popham

  • Wondering what highly effective teaching looks like?  Read about it straight from the source! Enhancing Professional Practice (2007) by Charlotte Danielson

Don’t have the time to read? 
Amen, sister! (or brother!)
Luckily, on the Gale Reference Library all books are available to download as Mp3s.  Why not get some PD during your drive to/from work?

Thinking of starting a professional book club with your colleagues? 
Choose a book from the Gale Reference Library, start a Google Classroom, and download the book’s chapters right into your Google Classroom folder for all to share.  It couldn’t be easier!

The Gale Reference library can be accessed via our WW-P Staff Resource Site under District Resources.

 Happy reading!

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