Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A couple of DYKs about Google Sheets from Nadine Dunn

This post is from Nadine Dunn, guidance secretary at High School South. 


DID YOU KNOW...that you can flip your data around in a Google Spreadsheet?

Printing a Google Response Form – Should be an easy thing but sometimes the information we collected runs very wide (longer than landscape view). This happens because your Form “Questions” become the spreadsheet’s column headers. 

Wouldn’t be great if you could swap the Column headers and the answer rows? Well I just learned you CAN!  

Once you have collected ALL your responses (I mean ALL – this won’t work if the spreadsheet is still a “LIVE” document), Go to an empty cell and type in the array formula =Transpose(A#:B#). Once you use this formula, the information you collected fills in the empty cells below it. ONLY your question “headers” are running down the side and your answer “rows” are now your columns.

Here is a screenshot of what you would see after you just used your Transpose formula:

Once the information has switched or flipped; the formula disappears and you can then HIDE (NOT Delete) the rows to make the Flipped view the only view you display.                                                                                            

DID YOU KNOW...you can sort multiple columns of information in Google Sheets all at once?

To sort in a  Google Spread sheet – you want to think of importance from lowest to greatest. 

For instance: You have three columns, “Names”, “Report Title”, and “Grade.” You want to see how many students in your class received a certain grade and do that alphabetically. In this case, the grade is more important than the name. You would sort the “name” column first (lowest importance), and then sort the “grade” column (highest importance).

Skywalker, Leia
Long Lost Sibling
Farris, Matt
Solo, Han
Wookies are People too
Test, Frank
IQ vs. Intuition
Smith, Joe
Cats & Dogs
(Once sorted by “Names" and then “Grades”, the sheet would look like this.)



Click here for a full list of function options for Sheets from Google. 

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