Tuesday, May 12, 2015

GoogleEdu On-Demand

This past weekend, GoogleEdu hosted two days of panels and live workshop videos for teachers. There were many offerings, and since all of the events were recorded, they are now available for anyone to watch, at any time. Before you click on the link in the photo to the right however, there are a few things to know:

  • When you reach the website and scroll down, there will be two sections
    • Day 1: Panels and Keynotes
    • Day 2: Various workshop sessions
  • When you click on the session that interests you, you will find:
    • Access to session materials (don't miss out on these!)
    • A link to watch the video
You can look at the materials without watching the video.  I did this for a few of the webinars that I was not able to watch live and got some fantastic resources!  The sessions that I was able to watch were both interesting and informative.  Don't miss out on the Google Classroom workshops!

This is a great opportunity to grab some personal PD time for yourself!  

Click here or click the photo to take you to the GoogleEduonAir page.

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