Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Google Search by Reading Level

Here's a great tip from GMS IRLA teacher Peter Shaughnessy:

Did you know that you can conduct a Google search by reading level? See below for a step by step guide, from the original Teach Thought blog post, How to Google Search by Reading Level

What's your favorite tip or trick?

How To Google Search By Reading Level
1. First, choose a term and Google it as you always have, whether you’re looking for a copyright-free version of Moby Dick, or an analysis of Moby Dick by a certain reading level.
2. From the results page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Advanced Search.”

3. Within the Advanced Search options, you can choose whether or not you want to annotate the search results with reading level, or filter the search results by reading level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced).
4. After you select an option, click ‘Advanced Search to display the modified search results. Next, click “Advanced Search,” scroll to the bottom, and filter results by reading level.
Once the filtered results show, you’ll notice a bar graph display at the top of the search results quantifying the search results by reading level (e.g., 35% Basic, 46% Intermediate, 19% Advanced). This is a nice opportunity to make some inferences about your search term or the publishing nature of media around that term as well.

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