Friday, October 23, 2015

SMART Board Resources

SMART Board Resources

As a reminder, you do not always have to create SMART board lessons from scratch. There are many websites that offer ideas and pre-made activities for teachers to use.  The SMART Exchange in particular, offers lessons made for Notebook software by educators.  These lessons are organized by grade and subject.  Once you join the community, which is free, you may download and edit the lessons in their library. The SMART Exchange is also accessible under the Gallery in SMART Notebook.

Another great resources in the Notebook software is the Lesson Activity Toolkit.  Here you will find a variety of templates that are easy to edit and use.

Below are a few websites with a variety of interactive activities, books, and videos to use on the SMART board...many of which support the units we teach in K-3.

Interactive Websites:

EPIC digital books  (also has a free app)

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