Monday, September 28, 2015

Let's #CelebrateMonday!

Hi everyone, let’s #CelebrateMonday!  

The idea behind #CelebrateMonday is to kick off the week by celebrating something positive. Teachers, students, and parents are excited about coming back to school after the weekend to share out the exciting things that they are doing. This huge movement of positivity was started by Sean Gaillard, a high school principal in North Carolina, with a simple hashtag, #CelebrateMonday.

Here’s how it works:  just tweet out some of the positive things happening in your school with the hashtag #CelebrateMonday. That’s it. J

In your tweets, you can showcase student work, give a shout-out to a colleague, or show some team spirit!

This link will take you to some of the positive things that people are sharing.

Twitter is an amazing place to find educational resources and connect with educators from all over the world. Many members of our #WWPRSD community are on Twitter. You can find a list of WWPRSD educators using twitter here.  

(If you would like help getting started on Twitter, speak to the technology resource specialist working with your building.)

Have a great Monday!

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