Monday, January 26, 2015

This Week at Village 1.23.15

Hi Village Friends,

This week at Village was a productive one and there is much to be celebrated! 

Here are some of the technology integration highlights:
  • Teachers continue to join the Twitterverse. It’s not too late to to join in the learning. Check out the Tweet 10 Challenge. If you have completed the challenge, remember to send me a direct message via Twitter to claim your badge and your sticker once you’ve completed Day 5! Still not convinced that Twitter is worth it? Check out the #wwprsd hashtag and see what your colleagues have tweeted!
  • A 5th grade classroom traveled to Virginia via Google Hangouts. It was a wonderful Mystery Hangout; the students were able to guess the mystery location in 7 guesses! What a great way to build geography skills and expand your world.

Ms. Rosenberg gets her greeters set
up for their Mystery Hangout. 
Students use their Chromebooks and laminated
maps of the US to eliminate incorrect locations.
This student is recording the questions her
classmates have asked. This list was referred
to often during the Hangout

These groups of students did research to help
determine where the other class might be located
and to help ask questions.

  • The tech team met to start planning the February PD Day. Special Area Teachers, if you have an idea for content that we can facilitate and help you plan, let me know!
  • The tech team also met to develop training for the Special Ed Teachers and their new Chromebooks.
  • I met with a 4th grade teacher to discuss an upcoming Glogster activity. 
Here’s a brief look at next week:
  • Virtual Debates are coming. I’m working with a 5th grade teacher to plan a Google Hangout debate using the new Social Studies curriculum. We will be debating population growth with 5th graders from Millstone.
  • Symbaloo webmixes
  • Twitter, Twitter, and more Twitter! Let me know if you still want to take part in the challenge. 
  • YOUR project?!?!?

Please let me know if you would like to be included in any of these endeavors or if you have any projects you would like me to help you with. 

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