Friday, November 21, 2014

(CMS/GMS Update for the Week of 11/17)

Dear CMS and GMS 1:1 Educators,

We have lots of important updates for you this week! 

Board Policies
Updated Board policies regarding social media and electronic communication are now available.  Please make sure to review these policies.  If you have any questions about how the policies may impact resources you'd like to use in your classes, please let us know.  
Electronic Communications Between Staff and Students

New Kahoot! Resource
Several of your colleagues have recently collaborated on this resource document containing tons of helpful tips and tricks for successfully using Kahoot! in the classroom.  Many thanks to Shveta Bhatheja, GMS Science teacher, Marina Ditzel, GMS Special Services teacher, Maricel Martin, GMS Spanish teacher, Dolores McNamara, MRS/GMS Spanish teacher, Pete Shaughnessy, GMS IRLA teacher, Kathy Tepel, GMS Social Studies teacher, and Tina Thomas, GMS Math teacher for working on the resource!

If you have a resouce you'd like to share (or an idea for one) please let us know.

Damaged Chromebooks
Please continue to be vigilant in reminding your students to keep the Chromebooks safe.  We've had a large number of broken screens over the last few weeks; many of these occurrences could have been prevented.

  • Devices should be kept in the sleeves whenever they are not in use.
  • Chargers should be kept at home -- and definitely NOT stored in the sleeves -- because when stored next to the device, they can act as a pressure point on the screen and cause damage.
  • Devices should be carried carefully when walking in the hallways and at locker visits.
Resources from CMS Administration
This week, Guy Tulp and Kyle Shimpf led several sessions on the topic of Assessment.  The thorough and engaging presentation made direct connections between examples using assessments in our classrooms to the Danielson framework.  This presentation, as well as some related assessment resources, are available in the shared Resources Folder on Google.  

If you have not already saved this Resources Folder to your own Drive, please do so now.  

Blog Posts You May Have Missed
Just in case you missed them when they were originally posted, here are a few posts from this blog that you may find helpful:
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Finally, Remember that EdcampNJ this Saturday! Hope to see you there.  

Please continue to reach out with us with ideas and questions about how we can work together.

Have a great weekend!
~Allan and Melissa

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