Monday, September 29, 2014

Modifying Google Forms

     This past week, I read a post from Mr. Clay Reisler (iPaddiction) on creating custom banners and password protecting forms.  This inspired me to tinker around with Google Forms.  I love having the ability to customize, so naturally, having the ability to have my own banner across the top of a Form is an added bonus, visually speaking.  Password protecting a form is an easy way to make sure no one fills out, let's say my mileage form, other than me.  I love to have a form 'Add to Home Screen' on an iPad, using Safari (no other web browsers on an iPad support this), so I can quickly submit data.   Here is an example below:
(Password is Password)

 Here is how I set a password to a Google Form:

     Recently, I worked with a teacher who wanted to be able to have a Google Form for checking off student homework completion on his iPad ('Add to Home Screen').  We designed the form to have two questions for each student; first, a 'checkboxes' question of all the potential homework subjects. Second question is a 'paragraph' style kind, where any notes could be typed in such as if a student didn't do their math homework the teacher could state exactly what was the missed assignment.   Now he can go into his spreadsheet, since each submission is date stamped, and then sort by question  to see each time a particular student hasn't completed their homework.

     Last year, I started to reach out, through Google Forms, for feedback & suggestions.  Every week I send out a Free Friday 'App'etizer email with an app suggestion.  I also included a link to a recommendation Form where teachers could submit an app which they enjoy using.  After every morning share, I send out a follow-up email with further information, a digital copy of their sign-in sheet for their records, and a link to a feedback Form on how helpful my professional development session was for them.   Both of these Forms get sent out at different times throughout the school year and I didn't want to have to constantly check the Google Sheet, so setting up a notification email when something changes has been awesome!  From within a Google Sheet, I go to 'Tools', 'Notification rules...', on the pop-up choose the settings you would like and click save!

     I hope these ideas/tips inspire you to try something new with Google Forms.  If you need help, reach out to one of us for assistance, we're all in this together!

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